Tel Aviv is like New York because…

Tel Aviv - fresh squeezed carrot/orange juice, scooters and great markets

Tel Aviv is like New York because…it’s dense, hectic, dirty and has lot’s of great cafe’s and restaurants. There is an amazing energy here. Tiny Israel has more companies on the American Nasdaq exchange than any country outside of the US, that is an almost unexplainable statistic given Israel’s small size and Tel Aviv (TLV) is the innovation center of Israel. Another interesting fact is that TLV also has one the busiest/largest bus stations in the world – its easy to get around because buses run frequently and all over the place. The train system is quite good as well. The fanciest street in TLV, Rothschild Boulevard, is a pretty nice boulevard and some parts of it have the most expensive real estate in the world.

Tel Aviv is sometimes called the “white city” but I have no idea why because, like New York, its kinda grungy.  The lax cleanliness is somewhat surprising because although religious Jews have strict purity and cleaning rituals the country is somewhat third world in this aspect. There are a lot of stray, scraggily cats wandering around everywhere. A lot of people smoke and just flick their butts anywhere. Also, it is way behind on forcing dog owners to clean up after themselves so watch your step!

On the good side, like NYC, there is a vert good selection of unique products. For example, delicious pomegranate wine! Pom champagne style wine, regular pom wine, port pom wine, its amazing! And great markets with everything you can imagine. I have no idea how people buy clothing though because there are no change rooms in the open air markets. Today, I had lunch at the carmelit “shouk” (market) in Tel Aviv. Delicious!

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One Response to Tel Aviv is like New York because…

  1. Meghan says:

    that juice looks amazing! I was all ready to come visit until you mentioned the cats.

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