This blog is about the people of Israel – Jesus, Jews (secular and religious), Arab Jews, Arab Christians, Arab Muslims – everybody.

Imagine a new New York City. This new New York is mixed in with some Los Angeles beaches, Europe, Africa and Arabia all in one! Israel has very a similar vibe, especially if you mix in its two major cities, Tel Aviv and Jerusalem (which are very close to each other, anyway). New York, originally called New Amsterdam was started by exiles and refugees including millions of Jews who had been expelled from Europe. Today, the new promised land is, well, the promised land.

Many churches believe they have replaced Israel. Some say they are the new Israel. When you visit Israel you realize how amazing the real Israel, really is. We live in exciting times – in times of deserts blooming. Jesus walked in the hot sandy deserts of Israel which are now blooming with many amazing things. The Bible says we are to give God “no rest until He establishes and makes Jerusalem a praise in the Earth”. This work of God is beginning right now before our eyes!

Israel (especially Tel Aviv) feels like a new New York City (urban, hectic and abundant). Israel looks more and more like a new Europe (fresh bakeries, dense stone housing, roundabouts, lots of techno music). Yet, Israel functions like a chaotic mix of first world and third world. Israel has many problems but overall, Israel is booming – from the old world a something new is happening – from the  inside out.

In the spirit of Tocqueville’s great commentary on the new America in 1835, may this blog capture some of the excitement of the new Israel.

Read on – come, please…


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  1. Hi

    I’m actually off on Holiday to Israel in December 2010. From 4th to 11th. Flying into Tel Aviv.

    No plans apart from that. I would like to see as much as possible for as cheap as possible and will probably hostel it everywhere. Everyone has said to go here, there and everywhere.

    Just wanted to say thanks for this blog. A good read.


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